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eDJ Group regularly produces free webinars on topics of interest to our subscribers and followers. We are able to offer these webinars free thanks to the support of Provider sponsors. Sponsors do not dictate webinar content or messaging; they simply want to increase interest in a topic that eDJ's Consultants happen to be researching. Sponsors do receive contact information for all webinar attendees and viewers.

eDJ's webinars are informative, interactive, and engaging. Most are eligible for CLE credit. Webinars range from educational sessions focused on best practices in various elements of information governance and eDiscovery to panel debates featuring well-known industry pundits. Members can access these recorded webinars on-demand for free.

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Mastering the Balancing Act: Business, eDiscovery, IT, and Compliance

One of the greatest challenges of implementing and maintaining legal hold and discovery response processes in a corporate environment is balancing those requirements with the needs and goals of the rest of the company. Most importantly – the business itself. There are other stakeholders that support the business as well, including IT, Compliance and Records.

For companies that find themselves in litigation on a regular basis, eDiscovery is not going away. It is becoming more and more complex as a constant stream of new technologies are introduced into the corporate environment. Corporate legal departments must now have increased insight and their organization’s information management and IT ecosystem.

This webinar will explore issues and techniques to carry out legal hold and discovery response requirements within the complex corporate structure. The discussion will include:

Identifying the key stakeholders and their objectives

Plotting a roadmap to understanding the IT infrastructure

Right-sizing eDiscovery processes

We will also discuss the importance of thwarting internal contention through cooperation. It is all about Culture, Culture, Culture!


Mikki Tomlinson, Managing Director of Strategic Consulting – eDJ Group, Inc.

Maryanne Siek, Records Manager at Freeport McMoran

Kathie Slotter, eDiscovery and Information Management at Southwestern Energy

Garland Mitchell, Senior Manager in IT at Southwest Airlines

This event is free, thanks to our sponsor:Sherpa Software

BIG Data, BIG Analytics: Attacking the ESI Volume Problem with More than Just TAR

We all know that the ESI volumes are too large, too complicated, and too uncontrolled for analysis by conventional eDiscovery techniques. However, despite current, popular belief, TAR is not the cure-all for the big data disease. Machine learning, intelligent review, predictive coding, TAR, – whatever you choose to call it – is one important weapon in a much larger arsenal. Today’s real problem facing litigation teams: knowing what technology to use, when to use it and how best to apply it. This webinar will navigate the entire eDiscovery technology terrain, including traditional search methods, concept searching, topic grouping, email threads, language identification and more…and of course, we will discuss the way you assimilate TAR into the mix. Speakers for this webinar will be Barry Murphy of the eDJ Group and Baker Donelson's Samuel Miller. This webinar is free thanks to our sponsor Kroll Ontrack.

Critical Role of Archiving

Too often, archiving is thought of as simply a way to save storage costs or as just a way to manage email. Because email archiving has matured over the last decade, some are lulled to sleep thinking that archiving is easy. While archiving has been around for some time, projects are still challenge. There are more and more types of data from diverse sources such as SharePoint and file systems. There are more deliver options for archiving solutions, including on-premise software, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and hybrid models. With eDiscovery gaining more attention, archiving is more important than ever. Not only can archiving deliver IT cost savings, but it can drastically reduce the cost of eDiscovery and kickstart successful information governance initiatives. This webinar will look at trends in archiving and examine how organizations can optimize existing archiving projects as well as insure productive starts to new projects.

Fitting Defensible Collection Into Information Governance Strategies

eDiscovery is a starting point for many organizations’ information governance programs. Implementing effective collection and preservation processes and solutions can dramatically reduce costs and mitigate risks. But, without doing collection in a truly defensible manner, organizations will only make eDiscovery more of a nightmare and face higher costs and negative outcomes. This webinar will focus on how to get started with effective collection initiatives and how to make them defensible.

Gear Up For The Cloud And eDiscovery Now

Few topics are as hyped right now as The Cloud thanks to its promise to drastically reduce the costs of storing information and implementing software applications. Despite the hype, research shows that few companies are actually leveraging cloud-based eDiscovery solutions today. However, the same research shows that companies plan to leverage the cloud – and soon. As a result, there is a limited timeframe in which to gear up for The Cloud and eDiscovery. It will not necessarily be easy to address the new challenges associated with The Cloud, but ignoring the will leave companies with higher eDiscovery costs and higher risk exposure.

This webinar explores current and planned rates of usage of cloud-based solutions for eDiscovery. It also analyze the areas where cloud-based solutions can have the biggest impact on eDiscovery and how The Cloud fits with in-house solutions as part of a holistic eDiscovery strategy. Further, this session breaks down the concerns that keep many companies from adopting The Cloud – like security and privacy – and offer pragmatic ways to address these concerns. Speakers for this webinar are Barry Murphy of the eDJ Group and Martin Tully, Partner at Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP.