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Provider Advisory

What is an industry analyst?

Analysts conduct market research within a given topic or industry. Analysts assess trends, best practices, solution evaluation frameworks, and perform advisory services. Traditional analysts are disconnected from the trenches and lack hands-on experience with the available software and service solutions currently in the market.

Why work with eDJ Group Research Consultants?

It is difficult to get independent, objective perspectives in an adversarial industry. Finding that perspective with the right depth and breadth of expertise at a reasonable cost is difficult:

eDJ consultants have faced the same eDiscovery challenges your customers face every day and can provide objective advice on how to address these hurdles, compare potential solutions, and find the answers to your most pressing questions about what customers want, need, understand and buy.

eDJ Group is different from traditional analyst firms – our team is comprised of "Research Consultants" that cycle between consulting engagements and research projects in order to keep a real-world perspective. eDJ's consultants all have 10-25 years of experience in detailed eDiscovery and information governance projects. There are a variety of ways to engage with eDJ. eDJ can customize a package that will fit your company's analyst needs. For pricing and more information, please email