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Topic: DESCRIPTION Date: 2013-11-07 12:11:39 Premium Members Only

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Topic: DESCRIPTION Date: 2013-11-07 12:11:39

Asian eDiscovery Note: Ji2 is one of the major players in the Japanese market. The Japanese market is very different from the rest of Asia in that it’s extremely insular while at the same time has a more mature eDiscovery business as compared to the rest of Asia. Ji2 is one of the few providers that have Japanese technical resources to speak directly with the IT departments of Japanese companies. This is important culturally for successful projects. Ji2 focuses specifically on Japanese projects so they have a great deal of experience working with the different email systems that are common within Japanese businesses. Ji2 assigns native Japanese project managers to assist building keyword searching since there are so many ways to spelling words in the Japanese language. From a technology perspective, Ji2 utilizes 3rd party applications to provide their services. For collections, they use EnCase and Robocopy through their forensics team. For processing and searching data, they will work primarily with Catalyst, Clearwell, and ViewPoint. Their workflow is interesting as Ji2 will use ViewPoint for processing the data first and then load the data in Catalyst. Their technical team believes this workflow helps identify potential language issues as early as possible. Ji2 also offers managed review services in Japan. They approximately 100 seats available in Tokyo and can scale accordingly based on the needs of a particular project. Ji2 is carefully moving outside Japan as they recently opened up an office in Taipai to expand their business. In the US, they are offering project management to support US based clients, but the data is processed and hosted in Japan. eDJ believes Ji2 is an interesting player in the Japanese market as they are a true services provider that focuses on having bilingual project managers and technical resources rather than building their own technology.

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