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iReview Global Discovery Platform

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eDJ Summary

eDJ Analyst summaries are only published for providers who have completed the eDJ Reviewed briefing process to validate the features and status of the profile. Use the 'Request More Info' button to get product information and request that they become eDJ Reviewed. Participating and Premium members can access analyst offering perspectives through scheduled inquiry calls.
Analyst Last Briefed: Over 6 months ago.

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Delivery Method:

  • Method-Software/Inhouse


  • System-Audit Log
  • Report-Customizable
  • System-Security Roles
  • System-Administration-Remote


  • Management-Transcripts
  • Management-Project Workflow
  • Management-Review-Team
  • Management-Case Collaboration and Contacts


  • Analysis-Domain
  • Analysis-Chronological
  • Analysis-Performance Metrics
  • Analysis-Near Duplicate-OCR


  • Preserve-ESI Preservation Repository


  • Search-Indexed
  • Search-Concept
  • Search-Fuzzy Logic
  • Search-Foreign Language
  • Search-Regular Expression
  • Search-Facet Navigation
  • Search-Synonym Expansion
  • Report-Hit Report
  • Search-Stemming


  • Process-Non-text File Detection
  • Process-Metadata Extraction
  • Process-File Type Identification
  • Process-TIFF Image Conversion
  • Process-Text Extraction
  • Process-OCR
  • Process-Load Files
  • Process-Deduplication-Hash
  • Process-Communication De-Duplication
  • Process-De-NIST Culling
  • Process-Culling-Metadata
  • Process-Cull-Rules
  • Process-Content Flagging Rules
  • Process-Near Duplicate ESI
  • Process-Deduplication-Email Thread
  • Process-Foreign Language Identification
  • Process-Hidden Text Detection


  • Review-Images
  • Review-Native ESI
  • Review-Redact Images
  • Review-Secured Subset
  • Review-Remote
  • Review-TAR Conceptual
  • Review-Annotations
  • Review-Conditional Tagging
  • Review-Parallel
  • Review-Tiff on the Fly
  • Review-TAR-Clustered


  • Produce-Image-Numbered
  • Produce-Native ESI
  • Produce-Multiple Party
  • Produce-Load File-Delimited

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