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Topic: DESCRIPTION Date: 2013-10-31 20:01:47 Premium Members Only

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Delivery Method:

  • Method-Software/Inhouse


  • Architecture-Desktop Software

General Coverage:

  • General-Collection Search


  • Collection-Forensically Sound Copy
  • Collection-Enterprise ESI
  • Collection-Remote


  • Search-Crawl
  • Search-Regular Expression
  • Search-Boolean


  • Process-Legacy Media-Tape

ESI Sources:

  • ESI-Backup-Tapes
  • ESI-Communication-Exchange and PST
  • ESI-Container Files
  • ESI-Graphics-PDF
  • ESI-Graphics-TIFF
  • ESI-Office Files
  • ESI-Office Files-2007+ format
  • ESI-Content Management-Sharepoint


Topic: DESCRIPTION Date: 2013-10-31 20:01:47

The new messaging is the same old marketing message we've heard from vendors since 2006. Lower cost and more efficient eDiscovery processes are not new market ideas. Kroll will have a hard time getting prospects to buy into messaging that feels stale and outdated. Many large enterprise customers have already invested in collection platforms with the same search and culling tools that must be used to realize efficiencies offered by Collect.

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