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Topic: Identify-User Map Date: 2014-03-04 13:51:31 Premium Members Only

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Topic: DESCRIPTION Date: 2013-09-19 15:11:06 Premium Members Only

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Topic: DESCRIPTION Date: 2013-09-19 15:09:39 Premium Members Only

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Delivery Method:

  • Method-Software/Inhouse


  • Market-Corporate Enterprise


  • System-Chain of Custody
  • System-Audit Log
  • Report-Customizable
  • System-Security Roles
  • System-Administration-Remote
  • Architecture-Server-Virtual
  • System-Scheduled Tasks
  • System-Alerts
  • System-Customizable GUI
  • Architecture-Server-Enterprise Client
  • Architecture-Server-Enterprise Web
  • Architecture-64-bit Compatible
  • Architecture-Windows Server

General Coverage:

  • General-Preservation Holds
  • General-Collection Search
  • General-Processing ECA
  • General-Review
  • General-Production


  • Management-Incident Response
  • Management-Project Workflow
  • Management-Review-Team


  • Identify-Data Map
  • Identify-User Map
  • Analysis-ESI Sampling
  • Analysis-Domain
  • Analysis-Social Networking
  • Analysis-Chronological
  • Analysis-Skin Tone
  • Analysis-Performance Metrics
  • Report-Forecasting Metrics
  • Identify-Data Map-Dynamic


  • Preserve-Legal Hold Notices
  • Preserve-ESI Preservation Repository
  • Preserve-In Place-Non Rights Based
  • Preserve-Stealth Hold Collection
  • Preserve-Legal Hold Notifications - Iterative
  • Preserve-Legal Hold Notices-Aggregate Reminders


  • Collection-Forensically Sound Copy
  • Collection-Forensic Image
  • Identify-Stealth Investigation
  • Collection-Enterprise ESI
  • Collection-Incremental
  • Collection-Remote


  • Search-Indexed
  • Search-Crawl
  • Search-Network Enterprise
  • Search-Fuzzy Logic
  • Search-Foreign Language
  • Search-Regular Expression
  • Search-Facet Navigation
  • Search-Synonym Expansion
  • Report-Hit Report
  • Search-Stemming
  • Search-Saved Queries
  • Search-Proximity
  • Search-Boolean
  • Search-Wildcard

Purchase Method:

  • Enterprise License ($ per seat)
  • Subscription ($ per Year)


  • Process-Inventory
  • Process-Legacy Media-Tape
  • Process-Decryption
  • Process-Password Removal
  • Process-Non-text File Detection
  • Process-Metadata Extraction
  • Process-File Type Identification
  • Process-TIFF Image Conversion
  • Process-Text Extraction
  • Process-OCR
  • Process-Autocode-Objective
  • Process-Load Files
  • Process-Exception Resolution
  • Process-Deduplication-Hash
  • Process-Communication De-Duplication
  • Process-De-NIST Culling
  • Process-Culling-Metadata
  • Process-Cull-Rules
  • Process-Content Flagging Rules
  • Process-Deduplication-Email Thread
  • Process-Custom Hash Filter
  • Process-Hidden Text Detection


  • Review-Images
  • Review-Native ESI
  • Review-Redact Images
  • Review-Secured Subset
  • Review-Remote
  • Review-Annotations
  • Review-Privilege Log
  • Review-Dynamic Folders
  • Review-Parallel
  • Review-Tiff on the Fly


  • Produce-Image-Numbered
  • Produce-Native ESI
  • Produce-Multiple Party
  • Produce-Repopulate Duplicates
  • Produce-Load File-Delimited
  • Produce-Evidence Encryption

ESI Sources:

  • ESI-Communication
  • ESI-Communication-Exchange and PST
  • ESI-Communication-Freemail
  • ESI-Container Files
  • ESI-Flash Drives-Memory Cards
  • ESI-Forensic Images
  • ESI-Hard Drives
  • ESI-Office Files
  • ESI-Office Files-2007+ format
  • ESI-Residual Data
  • ESI-Cloud
  • ESI-Content Management-Sharepoint
  • ESI-Network Servers
  • ESI-Network Storage
  • ESI-Personal Computers
  • ESI-Cloud-Communications
  • ESI-Cloud-Content Management


Topic: Identify-User Map Date: 2014-03-04 13:51:31

AD has custodial status change alerts on their short term road map for their legal hold functionality. Their hold dashboard does allow users to see all matters that a single custodian is under hold for. This future development will address a critical hold monitoring risk in large enterprise environments with hundreds of custodians. All roadmap projections are based on provider statements and subject to change without notice. Always verify final release functionality prior to purchase.

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Topic: DESCRIPTION Date: 2013-09-19 15:11:06

Legal hold notification activities can be tied to AD eDiscovery collection activities. The connection between legal hold notification and collection is a large gap in the market that is addressed in this product.

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Topic: DESCRIPTION Date: 2013-09-19 15:09:39

Legal hold notification functionality is offered as part of the all-in-one AD eDiscovery solution. However, the product does not routinely come up in conversations with corporations around legal hold notification. The LHN features introduced in AD eDiscovery seem to have gotten lost in the larger Summation shuffle. As a result, buyers focused on legal hold notification may not have AccessData on early short lists.

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