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eDJ Summary

eDJ Analyst summaries are only published for providers who have completed the eDJ Reviewed briefing process to validate the features and status of the profile. Use the 'Request More Info' button to get product information and request that they become eDJ Reviewed. Participating and Premium members can access analyst offering perspectives through scheduled inquiry calls.
Analyst Last Briefed: Over 6 months ago.

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Delivery Method:

  • Method-Software/Inhouse
  • Method-Cloud/Hosted/SaaS


  • Market-Corporate Enterprise
  • Market-Law Firm
  • Market-Government
  • Market-Provider
  • Market-International


  • System-Audit Log
  • Report-Customizable
  • System-Security Roles
  • System-Administration-Remote
  • System-Scheduled Tasks
  • System-Alerts
  • System-Customizable GUI
  • Architecture-Server-Saas Hosted
  • Architecture-Cloud
  • Architecture-64-bit Compatible
  • Architecture-API-Open
  • Architecture-Open Source Components
  • Architecture-Distributed
  • Architecture-Windows Server
  • Architecture-GUI-Web
  • System-GUI-Multilingual
  • System-Integration-Enterprise Systems
  • System-Questionnaire
  • System-Track-Activity

General Coverage:

  • General-Preservation Holds


  • Management-Incident Response
  • Management-Interviews


  • Identify-User Map
  • Report-Forecasting Metrics


  • Preserve-Legal Hold Notices
  • Preserve-Stealth Hold Collection
  • Preserve-Legal Hold Notifications - Iterative
  • Preserve-Legal Hold Notices-Aggregate Reminders


  • Report-Hit Report

Purchase Method:

  • Subscription ($ per Year)
  • Matter Pricing - $/Matter

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