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Smart Information Server

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Topic: IG-Classification Date: 2013-12-09 11:52:35

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Topic: IG-Migration Date: 2013-07-26 12:46:23

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Delivery Method:

  • Method-Software/Inhouse


  • Market-Corporate Enterprise
  • Market-Law Firm
  • Market-Government
  • Market-International
  • Market-Small Mid Sized Business


  • System-Disposal Certification
  • Architecture-Server-Virtual
  • System-Scheduled Tasks
  • System-Alerts
  • Architecture-Server-Enterprise Client
  • Architecture-64-bit Compatible
  • Architecture-No OEM Components
  • Architecture-Open Source Components
  • Architecture-Distributed
  • Architecture-Windows Server
  • System-Track-Activity

General Coverage:

  • General-Information Governance
  • General-Identification Investigation
  • General-Preservation Holds
  • General-Collection Search


  • Management-Identification
  • Management-Destruction

Information Governance:

  • Management - Policy - Retention
  • IG-Classification
  • IG-Migration


  • Identify-User Map
  • Analysis-Custodian Identity
  • Identify-Data Map-Dynamic


  • Preserve-ESI Preservation Repository
  • Preserve-Stealth Hold Collection


  • Identify-Stealth Investigation
  • Collection-Enterprise ESI
  • Collection-Incremental
  • Collection-Remote


  • Search-Network Enterprise
  • Search-Facet Navigation
  • Search-Saved Queries
  • Search-Boolean
  • Search-Federated Sources
  • Search-Wildcard

Purchase Method:

  • Enterprise License ($ per seat)
  • Subscription ($ per Year)
  • Item Pricing ($ per doc)
  • Published List Pricing


  • Process-Inventory
  • Process-Metadata Extraction
  • Process-File Type Identification
  • Process-Load Files
  • Process-Culling-Metadata
  • Process-Content Flagging Rules


  • Review-Native ESI


  • Produce-Native ESI
  • Produce-Load File-Delimited

ESI Sources:

  • ESI-Communication
  • ESI-Communication-Exchange and PST
  • ESI-Content Management
  • ESI-Office Files
  • ESI-Office Files-2007+ format
  • ESI-Cloud
  • ESI-Content Management-Sharepoint
  • ESI-Network Servers
  • ESI-Network Storage
  • ESI-Cloud-Communications
  • ESI-Cloud-Content Management


Topic: IG-Classification Date: 2013-12-09 11:52:35

The new Acaveo DataClassifier for SharePoint offering leverages the existing SP index to create and manage classification rules on the SharePoint forests on-premise (it can also be used to classify on-premise file share and SharePoint content in preparation for intelligent migration to Office 365 - the Smart Information Server product has the tools to leverage the DataClassifier policies and execute the data migration to Office 365). eDJ has seen substantial interest from consulting clients looking for exactly this kind of functionality to support record retention as they migrate data from unstructured file shares to SharePoint.

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Topic: IG-Migration Date: 2013-07-26 12:46:23

Bidirectional migration capability is unusual in the market. This feature gives Acaveo customers the ability to 'rollback' a migration from the cloud if needed.

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