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What Flavor of TAR is Right for You?
Greg Buckles
My recent research and surveys have made it abundantly clear that ‘Analytics’ means many different things to the broad eDiscovery market. Even terms like Predictive Coding or Machine Learning can involve an infinite number of combinations of technologies,… [more]
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eDJ Research Reports
2014 Mobile Discovery Survey Results
Small survey updating the larger 2013 Mobile Discovery survey. Eliminated one question and added a question about how respondents are enforcing policy. [more]
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Legal Hold Notification 2014 - Law Firm
eDJ Group seeks to understand corporate attitudes towards and activities as they relate to managing the Legal Hold Notification… [more]
Legal Hold Notification 2014-Corporate and Government Entities
eDJ Group seeks to understand corporate attitudes towards and plans for Legal Hold Notification as part of eDiscovery… [more]
2014 Analytic Adoption Survey - Providers Only
Take eDJ Group's 2014 Analytic Adoption survey to see how your customers stack up in this evolving market segment. This… [more]
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Catalyst Insight
Catalyst provides secure document repositories to help search, analyze and review… [more]
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