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Mitratech Strategy Response
Greg Buckles
Now that I am no longer wearing a market analyst hat or doing formal paid briefings, I love getting feedback from the providers on my blog perspectives. Mitratech management responded promptly to my Pacman analogy blog with this quote, “Mitratech is… [more]
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Ipro Innovations 2015 - Key eDiscovery Trends Shaping the Future
Presentation deck from one hour interactive session covering key trends in eDiscovery and Information Governance in 2015 and beyond. Based on Greg Buckles active market research, enterprise consulting engagements and inquiries. Key areas covered are… [more]
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Good Karma Call - Ask An eDJ Expert
12 - 31 - 2015
eDJ has a 'good karma' inquiry policy. It can be hard to know whether you really need to hire a consultant or just get pointed in the right direction. Greg and Mikki will schedule 15-30 minute introduction calls for corporations, law firms or government… [more]
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