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Viral Photos – A Personal Reminder of How ESI Spreads
Greg Buckles
Excuse me for hijacking my professional musings to share some personal moments that went viral. It is at least a good reminder of how a picture, email, text or other ESI can propagate beyond our illusions of privacy and controls. All it takes is a camera… [more]
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2015 PC-TAR Adoption Survey
Seven question focus survey on the adoption and usage of analytics and PC-TAR. Raw survey results with 41 validated respondents. See 2015 PC-TAR Focus Report for eDJ perspective, interpretation of raw results and extensive consumer interviews. [more]
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2017 Relativity Consumption Poll
Relativity seems to be the law firm's technology of choice for large matter review. The Relativity team has rapidly expanded… [more]
2017 - Who Pays for eDiscovery Tech Training?
So who should pay for eDiscovery training of retained counsel? Take our 2 question poll to see how you stack up. [more]
2017 eDJ Mobile Discovery Survey
2017 eDJ Mobile Discovery Survey -  This eDJ Group survey has five quick questions to measure the impact of iPhones,… [more]
eDJ Events Calendar
Relavity Fest 2017
10 - 22 - 2017
Join us in Chicago Oct 22-25 for what is shaping up to be one of the largest eDiscovery user/partner events in the industry. [more]
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